What unique about our camps?

  • Our instructors: They are experts in the own respective fields. They have completed the study of the subject matter and are in the exploration/discovery/play mode. They know how to share complex ideas into language that your child can easily understand.
  • Our curriculum: It is a modular system with varying levels of challenges to fit the individual camper’s needs. They provide solid foundation of concepts and freedom to extend to intricately complex projects.
  • Beyond camp: Our camps help campers to find their desire to explore and learn. Their final projects at camp are a beginning of an idea. An idea that will evolve, change and bloom into a passion of life-long learning for the subject matter.
  • Our tools: We share the list of equipment and software we are using with the students, parents and guardians. If the camper decide to continue their projects or expend their studies, parent/guardians can provide/acquire appropriate tools.

Which camp should I sign my child up?

We have recommended age/grade range for our camps. These are just recommendations. Your child and you know what camp would provide the optimal level of challenge for your child. We can help you determine that together with you. Just contact us.

Do campers typically sign up for one or more camps?

Our camps are scheduled to allow campers to build on what they have learn and expend their skills through the curriculum pipeline. It is not uncommon for campers to sign up for two or more camps.

How big will be the camp?

Each camp will have no more than 20 campers and will have 4 instructors.

Do you have more details for each session?

Daily calendar

Student to instructor ratio

5:1 Maximum

Student to Computer/Robotics Kit ratio


How much time do students spend on the computer each day?

Depending on the camp, students could spend up to 70% camp day on the computer. There are regular breaks in between and play time integrated into the daily schedule.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are juniors to graduate students, graduates and professionals in respective fields (Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics and Business) who have completed a rigorous selection process and have passed background checks.

What are the cell phone, smart phone and tablet usage policy?

Campers are welcome to bring their devices to camp. However, we ask that the devices are on vibrate and camper refrain from use during camp activates and projects. If there is a need for an emergency call or an expected call, camper must inform the instructors in advance.

What type of meals are provided?

We offer premium healthy meal provided by the Pingry School. The menu will be provided in advance. Campers can bring in their own lunch and snacks if they do not like the offerings.

How do you handle students with food allergies/special dietary needs?

Parent/guardians need to let us know well in advance that what the campers needs are. We can accommodate your needs to a limited extent. However, if the child has severe food allergies, we recommend sending your child with a lunch bag.