Zatna Honor Code

Our honor code serves as our philosophy and guiding principle of how we treat each other and all our stakeholders. This applies to all our team members, our campers and the parents. We believe we should carry ourselves in a wholesome manner with the:

Right View: is a detached way of seeing, different from the attitude of holding to any view, wrong or right.

Right Intention: one should constantly aspire to rid themselves of whatever qualities they know to be wrong. Correct understanding of right view will help one to discern the differences between right intention and wrong intention.

Right Speech: is abstaining from lying, from divisive speech, and from abusive speech.

Right Action: is acting in ways that would benefit oneself and everyone around one while abstaining from wrong acts or bring harm to oneself or to others

Right Effort: is having the persistence required to achieve the set goal for oneself and the team.

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